Changing communities one person at a time.

Our mission is to deliver evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine programs that facilitate valuable and sustainable outcomes. The Lifestyle Medicine Centre focuses on multi-disciplinary patient-care through strong adherence to our values.

The Lifestyle Medicine Centre provides you with professional support
for weightloss, health and habit change.


Our Values


Passion for a life with more vitality and to see entire communities & industries transformed through the application of Lifestyle Medicine.


Complete transparency in our methods and model of care, ensuring the patient always feels informed and confident under the care of our multi-disciplinary team.


Respect for the individual and their journey remains a fundamental underlying value across all aspects of the Lifestyle Medicine Centre.


Every individual walks their own path which has it’s own barriers and little or big “wins” along the way.


Confidence in the skills of our multi-disciplinary team and our ability to appropriately equip our patients with the necessary evidence-based tools to succeed.


We will never judge - only coach, support and provide the tools for change.


Our team shares the commitment to deliver everything to the highest standard of professionalism in both our health service and patient experience.


Ensuring sustainable success in weightloss, health and habit change requires ongoing support for the individual. You will be encouraged both through our team and through the Lifestyle Medicine community.