A medical model for those ready to change their lives. 

We use a multi-disciplinary team of Medical Professionals and Lifestyle Medicine Coaches to deliver our
LEARN-DO-SHARE Model of Patient Care”.
This approach sets a new benchmark for Overweight management, Chronic Disease prevention and reversal, and overall lifestyle improvement.

What is “Lifestyle Medicine”?

Lifestyle Medicine is the newest field of sub-specialisation in modern medicine. The specialty was named in 2008, and the field of practice has only gained worldwide momentum among GP’s and Allied Health Providers (such as physiotherapists & dieticians) and public health sectors over the past few years. It is now finding it’s place in the curriculum of top medical schools internationally.

Abundant evidence now connects overweight/obesity to a chronic low-grade inflammatory state manifested not only by cells of the immune system but also, notably, by the fat cells (adipocytes).

This process is collectively known as 'Meta-flammation', or “chronic metabolic inflammation” and proves that there is a common cause to our pandemic of modern illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, heart attacks, 13 types of cancer and dementia, to name a few.

Lifestyle Medicine addresses this common cause.
By improving lifestyle you can reverse Metaflammation.
By applying Lifestyle Medicine, you can reverse and prevent chronic disease.

Credit to: Professor Gary Egger

Credit to: Professor Gary Egger

Overweight, obese or unhappy with your current weight?

The Lifestyle Medicine Centre combines the latest evidence-based research and best practice methods from the worlds of both medical and psychological science to deliver effective weight loss solutions and long-term change.

If you are overweight/obese, have you been screened for Insulin Resistance or Pre-Diabetes?

Carrying extra fatty tissue, especially abdominally, is associated with Metabolic Inflammation that has a strong association with Pre-Diabetes.
You can be screened by your GP or through the Lifestyle Medicine Centre.

Click the “Diabetes Risk” tab below to take the AUSDRISK, a quick survey that is designed to find out your risk of developing type 2 diabetes within the next five years.

Do you have diabetes, are you pre-diabetic or have risk factors for heart disease and cancers?

The Lifestyle Medicine Centre provides services not only for weight loss, but for prevention, significant improvements and possible reversal of a range of chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

Click the “Heart Age” and “Diabetes Risk” calculator buttons below to see your estimated level of risk.

Tried to lose weight in the past and have been unsuccessful or successfully lost weight only to regain it?
Maybe it’s time to enrol in the ICCM program.

The ICCM program recognises the key factors for successful weight loss and maintenance that many mainstream programs overlook. Our goal is to assist you in achieving sustainable change with lifelong well-being. We not only give guidance on how to progress forward, we also address the barriers that have prevented success in the past.
You will receive support from professionals with the highest level of international lifestyle medicine credentials. We will be with you each step of the way, supporting you both medically and psychologically, in a safe structure for positive social connectedness and long term change.

Are your household habits and daily routines leading to disharmony, stress and carrying extra kilograms?

Life can be complicated and overwhelming. Analysing our household habits objectively is not easy… we can’t always see where we’re going wrong. We may just plod along and suffer the symptoms of our circumstances.

The ICCM program provides access to professionals including Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians, Life Coaches and Occupational Therapists who can assess your circumstances, coach you through changes and help your family lead lives with more vitality and confidence.

Are you stressed or sleeping poorly?

Modern life sees a high prevalence in stress and sleep related symptoms, with evidence to show this leads to Metaflammation. Using Lifestyle Medicine and combining that with general practice and psychology, we aim to provide you with solutions.

Are you often fatigued, emotionally overwhelmed and lacking general life positivity and vitality?

The ICCM program recognises the impact of lifestyle change on overall quality of life, not only weight loss. You will find the program increases both your emotional and social wellbeing.-

Dr Michelle Reiss - Founder & Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Centre and the ICCM program. MBChB, LMCC, CCFP, FRACGP, FASLM

Dr Michelle Reiss - Founder & Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Centre and the ICCM program.