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We are always fielding common questions about Lifestyle Medicine - what it is, what place does it have in modern medicine and how can it help.
To assist you in understanding more about Lifestyle Medicine and the role it can play in your life, we have prepared a list of answers for our most commonly asked questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

A newly emerging sub-specialty across all medical disciplines, that addresses the lifestyle causes of a sub-optimal quality of life, overweight and many chronic diseases

Is Lifestyle Medicine evidence based? 

The fundamental principles of Lifestyle Medicine is completely based on strong research and evidence based outcomes. Like other fields within conventional medicine, the application of Lifestyle Medicine is applied through the delivery of best-practice methods founded on science and evidence based medicine.

What are the key factors of Lifestyle Medicine?

Clinically, Lifestyle Medicine addresses nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, substance abuse, technology misuse, etc.

At a public health level, Lifestyle Medicine addresses lifestyle guidelines, public health policies, health care costs, community health and wellness, medical training and other key components of the healthcare system.

Who can I see at the Lifestyle Medicine Centre?

We have a highly trained professional multi-disciplinary team that works together under one roof to deliver high quality Bio-Psycho-Social patient care. Our team comprises Internationally certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians, a nurse, psychologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, life coaches, occupational therapists and mentors.

How is Lifestyle Medicine different to standard medical care?

Lifestyle Medicine is not alternative, integrative or “holistic” medicine - it sits within conventional medicine. It differs, however, by focussing on the Biological-Psychological-Social aspects of a person’s habits and lifestyle choices. The role of Lifestyle Medicine evaluates the effects of these choices on quality of life while addressing the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, rather than just management of these diseases.

Can Lifestyle Medicine cause harm?

Absolutely not! Lifestyle Medicine goes “back to basics”, exploring how our bodies’ physiology is designed to work, and how modern environments are causing our huge Chronic Disease pandemics.
There are no adverse side effects, it costs very little, it creates positive lifestyle habits and is “simply the best medicine we have”.

Is Lifestyle Medicine suitable for everyone?

100%. Anyone who is human, regardless of their age, is affected by their lifestyle choices. Whether you are currently suffering from a Chronic Disease or a simply looking to improve your overall level of health and wellbeing, Lifestyle Medicine can help.